Tomorrow is a big day for us!

We are headed back to St. Louis for Ollie's follow up visit.  It's a day packed full of appointments.  Please pray for us that everything goes smoothly and we get good news all around.

We are starting at the Down Syndrome center for a 6 month followup.  We will also see Dr. Johnson, her cardiologist.  I'm hoping we get an echo and find out about the leakage of her valves.  Last we knew it was mild.  We are praying it doesn't get progressively worse which would mean another surgery at some point.  When he last saw him, he said our next echo would give us a better idea on a future surgery, so this is probably tomorrow so pray for very mild leakage!  Then we are heading to the opthamologist for an eye exam.  She has nystagmus, which means her eyes shake sometimes when she focuses.  It's typical in children with DS and is because of low muscle tone.  However, some children also need glasses and with Aubrie's poor vision it's always a possibility.  I think Ollie would be adorable in glasses, but we really don't want another set of specs if possible!

So pray pray pray & also pray for baby Vada who is in St. Louis now for seizures, and for baby Grace who is having open heart surgery tomorrow for an AV Canal.