This staying at home business is a sweet deal.

Thank you Jade Reid for being awesome.  I seriously love you!

For the first time since Freshman year of high school I have freedom.  I have free time, other than kind of watching 3 kids of course.  Ha just kidding I totally watch my kids!

This summer is almost over, I think it's partly because it started off with Ollie's open heart surgery & recovery & then it was mid-July.

(she's totally kissable - I know!  You should hear her giggle - if you think this photo is cute you haven't seen nothing - her giggle is like pure gold!)

Here is what we plan to do the rest of the summer...

I, for the first time seriously since I was 15, will have a tan!  Jade has forgotten that I used to be seriously tan.  In the past 13 years I have been just translucent.  When you work indoors, it's sad what happens.  You become pale & lose all your muscles.  I kind of feel bad for getting in the pool with the big kids a few hours a day when Ollie naps, but not really that bad!

I have time to work out.  That's right, no more fatty for me!  My baby is healthy, my kids are healthy, it's time for me to run without my booty chasing me, literally.  I have got to do something & Turbo Fire is working!

I am becoming a therapist & enjoying it!  I have learned techniques to help Miss O with her gross, fine motor, and oral skills.  For someone with an animal science (livestock) degree - this is a big change!  BUT I'm doing well with it.  We really are doing more play than anything & she's kicking butt and taking names.  She has Fox blood in her and obviously she's not going to wimp out on anything.  I am amazed at her progress thus far.  Still waiting to start therapy, but it's getting lined up!!

We are finally not recognized at the doctor's office.  Can I get a heck yeah?!  We are going less and less which is awesome.  We go the 3rd for an endocrine appointment & the 16th to the DS clinic, cardio, and opthamologist & I am hoping they say don't come back for 6 months which then Ollie will be 1.  Oh please oh please let us be that lucky!  We only see her pediatrician now for regular checkups - love!

I am looking forward to school starting so we are back to a routine.  Aubrie starts kindergarten very soon - shocking!  Everett goes back to preschool.  Ollie & I will have the mornings to ourselves to workout - both of us will be working out!  And to get our chores done.

I am looking forward to Dexter starting back up - yes I said it.  He is Jade and my favorite serial killer.

I am looking forward to baby Penelope's arrival - 3 weeks or less!  It won't be long until she matches Ollie's size & it appears that we have twins.

I am really looking forward to Maggie's house - lots of shopping for materials and planning that I hope to squeeze in on!

It's been one helluva year & it's getting better and better with my girl finally having her healthy heart!!  Pray that on the 16th we get awesome heart news & that all her other tests work out fine!!