Last week Everett cried hard that Aubrie was going to school & he wasn't.  He went to school last year and he was sure all his friends were there missing him.  They were not.

Today is his first day back & he also gets to ride the bus with Aubrie.  He was very excited.

We went over all the bus rules.  Aubrie claims to be an expert about the bus after 4 days.

He has on his new shoes - they are turquoise & he loves them.  Aubrie's are purple with a rainbow & lights.  They are both thrilled with new school kicks.

Jade stayed again today to see them off.

He walked them out while Ollie and I waved from the porch.

I can't wait for him to get home & fill me in on all the details!  He's with Ru this afternoon & headed to the pool, lucky boy.