To say I'm thrilled is an understatement!

Since I had Ollie, I focused on her health constantly.  I let go of myself.

I was sad I hadn't lost my baby weight, but made zero effort to change it.

All that changed July 11th!  I joined a Beachbody 30 day challenge & I haven't stopped from there!

I'm down 8 pounds and last I checked 5.5" - that was last week so I'm sure I'm down more now!  I try to avoid the scale & just measure every couple of weeks.  I take pictures every 15 days and that is my motivation because the lumps are quickly melting away!

I feel great, I have energy, I see muscles again.  I am addicted to Shakeology.  I am looking forward to my next set of pictures - crazy I know!

The best part by far are in the pants!  I went from wearing size 12 womens, to size 9 juniors.  That's a big deal!  I have much more to go, but with eating healthy, Shakeology, and exercising daily - I will be there.

Thank you Chalene & TurboFire.  I am a huge fan now and I will continue to push play. 

I still struggle - with what you ask?  Well, it is really hard every day to fit in my workouts, and I struggle with 3 kids to find the time.  However, I  have fully committed to finding the time & since I told my mind to make the time - I have.  Mind over matter right?  I also struggle to make sure I consume enough calories - I need to eat roughly 2000 a day with exercising & nursing.  Honestly eating healthy to fuel my body equals a lot of smart food & a lot of calories!  I still have a lot to learn about healthy eating, but it's a start, a life style change that I much needed.

So stay tuned because I have more inches to shed to get to my goal!

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