Aubrie is hilarious.

Friday and yesterday she got off the school bus running & waving the entire way back to the house.

Friday her big concern was "Why do all the kids on the bus think I'm so cute?"

Well, obviously it's because she is cute as a button, plus add in glasses & her personality & she's a doll.

Yesterday she comes home, on the second full day of kindergarten mind you, and she informs me that she "Found the boy she's going to marry!"


Apparently he promised her a hundred puppies, kitties, and parrots...and he's funny.

That is a pretty tempting deal I must agree.

So what is his name? 

Well I don't know, and she doesn't know either - yes hilarious.  She is hilarious.  All I know is he had brown hair and a green shirt, and he sat relatively close to her.

And what was her favorite part of the day?

Well duh - lunch.

She.was.starving.  She ate chicken nuggets.

That wraps up day 2 with my big girl.