Yesterday was Ollie's half birthday.

We are richly blessed!

We've had 6 months of this smile.

6 months of her crazy giggles & hair.

Yes she spit up...spit happens.

6 months for the chub rolls to finally appear.

6 months as a family of five.

6 months of learning about the real joy of Down Syndrome and siblings sharing in this joy.

4 months of heart failure + a 5 day hospital stay = 2 months of a healthy heart!!!!

I just look at our children & I am just in awe of their beauty.  They fight fight a lot, they play a lot, but they love more than anything.

When we debated on 3 kids, we really were unsure if we wanted to take on more.  Now, I can't imagine life without these 3, especially Miss O.  God is so so so so good & I praise him daily for my life!