It's been a hot one!  We have been busy too!

Yesterday the boys officially started Maggie & Kylie's house.  I am dying to kick those freeloaders to the curb SO excited for them!

Jade ran the track hoe.  Yes, that's my husband!  He has a new girlfriend & unfortunately she's really a hoe named "Casey".

They have a beautiful spot right through the woods past our house.  The house plan is stunning & I told Maggie I am already so excited to help her shop for fixtures and what not.  Most of what she is buying is old & fabulous so she won't need too much new stuff, but I'm excited for any shopping we need to do!  I LOVE shopping for houses especially when we are not spending my money!

My cousin came to visit from Chicago - I adore her and rarely see her & I finally, finally got to meet her beautiful son.  He was born the month before Ollie and I never got the chance to meet him.  Pictures are to come.  Ollie looks like a tiny girl beside him, but she was excited to make her very first friend!

Then today we started our above ground pool.  My Dad is the best, you all know this.  This year he scored us a FREE above ground swimming pool!  The deal was we take it down & then we can have it.  So we did that right before Ollie's surgery & we are finally ready to set the bad boy up.  It was hot.  I wore a sweat bandana & probably have a sunburn to prove it above & below the bandana - that will be hot!

Anyway, we hope to really finish the pool tomorrow & I can share some pictures of that too.  I obviously need to blog daily & then I don't have to write you all a huge journal of the ins and outs of my day.

Oh and I left out, the kids found a new purpose for snorkels because really who uses snorkels in the mid-west?  If you fill them with blueberries you can treat them like a giant Pez and dispense droplets of blueberries into your mouth at any given time - brilliant - I should sell the idea yes!

PS - Ollie Faith if you would like to go back to sleeping through the night like you used to, Mommy would appreciate it.  This staying up until 11 PM to wake up 3 times & be up ready to go at 6 business is not working for Mommy.