For all the details on why I am outraged check this post out.  In a nutshell GQ slammed people with Down Syndrome in an awful way.  It was insensitive, misinformed, and just plain hateful.  

It's a sad day when grown adults don't know better.  When they belittle an entire group of people & publish it in black and white for the world to see, thinking they came up with the funniest joke ever.  Sorry John (the writer) not funny at all, now you look like a butt.

Originally I let it slide - I told Jade about it that night and thought it was awful, but that was it.

Then yesterday I realized if I don't advocate for Ollie, who will?  If I don't say something, who will?  If everyone puts it onto someone elses shoulders to say something - who really ends up saying anything at all?  So I stood up for my family & people with DS everywhere.  I wrote a letter to the editor of GQ magazine.  I received back a generic apology, but at least they are acknowledging that negative words are powerful, especially when you attack a group of people that can not always advocate for themselves.

Dr. Brian Skotko fought back & you can read his article at the link above.

In response my friend Patti is doing a photo montage for all of us to fight back.  She asked us to do what Dr. Brian Skotko did & dress in our style with a person with DS that we love & adore.  She's going to make a video montage.

So yesterday I put on a lot of my jewelry.  I don't wear all my jewelry, but trust me those that know me personally  know I LOVE me some bling.  Big necklaces, big earrings, big rings - I am all about it.  So I put it all on & "ruined" it.  Miss Ollie O was happy to pose as her beautiful, charming, amazing genetically enhanced self.

To GQ magazine I say suck it & if they were here in person Maggie Jo would give them the "suck it" sign that we have come to know and love - thank you WWF - thank you very much.