OK so I totally took zero pictures of the real stage 2.  Putting up the pool and the liner while filling it with water was a beast of a job.  Thank the good lord for highly muscled men in my family because wow it was hard!  But...the pool is up.

So here are the next steps, my birthday present, a concrete patio from my parents.  Dad is a co-owner in a concrete company - so that's a sweet deal!  Lastly, building the deck.  I am highly excited about the concrete pad & deck because right now sand keeps getting drug into the house and I loathe sand. 

Uncle Doug was rocking a giant straw hat.

Dad was rocking his bandana.

The pool looks beautiful & I still can't believe it was FREE.  Bless the man that gave it to us because the kids LOVE it!  We used to have a pool when I was growing up, and it was the best thing ever.  We swam all day & played constantly outside.

To say it was hot is an understatement.  Sweat was everywhere!

The kids supervised the men.

The concrete pad is done!  Please note Uncle Dougs new hat - a wet towel.  He kills me that man!

This afternoon they are hoping to build the deck so we have a real way in and out of the pool!  Then my job starts - landscaping & moving patio furniture from the walkout basement to the upstairs so we have a nice place to lounge!

Thank you Dad, Uncle Doug, Shane, Kylie, Jade, Zac, Abbie, Maggie, Mom, & Ruff for your help.  I means the world to us!

Next up, hopefully a beautiful finished back yard!