It was HOT Sunday!

Jade & I worked forever on setting up the bottom ring of the pool & getting it level.  Thank goodness he knows what he's doing because I don't!  I ran the level with my sweat bandanna on - I was good looking I tell ya!

Everett insisted on wearing his pajamas with gum boots.  He wears them everywhere!  If you haven't experienced humidity of the Midwest - I swear some days it feels this foggy!

Caroline was loving the day & had her "boots" on.

Jade & Kylie smoothed the sand for an eternity.  Jade also had a matching sweat band!

We tried to stay hydrated.

Trudie was constantly surrounded by gnats & panted her butt off, but refused to go in the house.  She later received a bath.  I must say though that this is the best picture I think I have ever taken of this black beast.  Her age is finally showing up on her.

So stay tuned for more pool building!  As you can see we were not even near the stage of water yet!