I haven't posted my work in awhile so here are some things I have been making.

I can pretty much stamp or create anything & my favorite is when I have some creative freedom from customers - then I can truly make the best version of what is in my mind.

I made this & she told me to make it "bad ass" & so I did.  I think it may be my favorite piece to date!  SRA are the initials of their family - I think it's fantastic!

This is my version of the IDSC for Life necklace made for myself.  It celebrates the beautiful life that children with Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome) bring to their families.  The heart celebrates her healthy new ticker!  Under the Ollie charm is her birthdate & it's topped off with her birthstone plus the yellow & blue stones for DS.  I kind of spoiled myself with this one! 

I made this for a good friend that is getting married soon.  I hope his bride loves it.  Hopefully she doesn't read my blog, but if she does - it's an early surprise!  Jade & I are pumped for their wedding! 

A sweet funky blanket for one of Aubrie's friends, Jaycee "JC".  I made one for her brother & she loved it so much she got one too! 

For a new little farmer, a great gift to welcome her into the world! 

Contact me at housethatjadebuilt@gmail.com for custom orders.

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