If you missed yesterday, you must catch up.

This is our second biggest fight that is hilariously stupid.

When we were in college, Jade was blessed with a hideous gold corduroy recliner from my parents.  It was hid.e.ous.

When we were married, I became a co-owner in said recliner.

We had it forever.

When I was pregnant with Everett, Big Lots, had a sweet micro-fiber recliner on sale so Mom & Dad gave it to me as my birthday present.  Note - my birthday is in June & I was due with Everett in August.

At this point Jade's gold recliner was so crappy that when you'd rock it'd get stuck side-ways and stop rocking so you'd have to jerk it to the left to get it rocking again.  I was rocking Aubrie at night to sleep very pregnant, hating this chair daily!  Plus, did I mention it was hid.e.ous?

So after over a week of having my new recliner, a couch, a fat chair, and all the kids' toys crammed in our tiny trailer living room, I got sick of it.  Jade had that dumb gold recliner in the middle of the room & hadn't moved it.  He didn't want to say goodbye.  Why, I still do not know, but he loved that old man recliner.

So one day, hormonal pregnant me freaked out.  I said and I quote, "When are you going to get this SOB (and I used the real words) out of this trailer?"

I think I flipped his anger switch with that one.  I went to the bathroom and then heard this clanging around.  I came back to the living room to find him dragging the SOB down the stairs, out the door, and through the yard.  Best part, as he is dragging it by the back, the leg rest pops up making it considerably harder to drag, and quite hilarious from my view in the house b/c you could tell it just really ticked him off.

He drug the SOB clear out back in our yard, which we had a big yard,

And he set the SOB on fire.  I'm not even joking - mega fire.  And it went up like a high school bonfire - 20 foot flames I crap you not!!

By the time he got in the house we were both laughing because it was hilariously stupid.  And he says, "Man did you see the fire that thing made!"

To this day I claim that if I drop a cuss word at all, Jade gets to moving & it's true he does.