Jade & I hardly ever fight or argue.  Ask Maggie & Kylie since they live with us, it's true.

  After nearly 15 years together we have just figured each other out enough to know when to leave things alone.  But, when we do fight, they are rather hilarious stories after the fact so I thought I should share some of our low moments so you can laugh along.

One of our biggest fights...

I say fight, but really I was rather calm that day.  I was pregnant with Aubrie.  Our Dish Network had went out for like the 5th time at our trailer & we were sick of it.  I wanted to call Dish and insist they fix it for good.  Jade insisted he could fix it.  I kept saying, "You can't fix the satellite, you don't know what you are doing."  Which thoroughly ticked him off.  Then I swear he shouted, "Where is my compass?"

Oh yes I'm serious - his compass like the ones you use in high school math.  He was going to dial into the sky satellite with his math compass.  I thought it was ridiculous.  I told him , "You can't do that."  He responded, "You never think I can do anything and I really can."  I was like, "I know you can do a lot of things, but finding the satellite with a math compass is a bit out of your league."  Ha!  I really made him mad then so he yells, "F you!"  And he used the real word.  He dropped a full out F bomb on me over the math compass that I also couldn't find.

I made the shocked O face - you know the oh no you didn't, turned around and walked out.  *Please note I typically don't bow out of a fight, but what do you say back to that one? *  I went to town, got a blizzard, washed my car, and came home - fuming the entire time about how truly ridiculous he was.

I got home, and he apologized knowing the F bomb was a bit too much & also admitting that he couldn't fix the satellite with the math compass.  I think he was scared of me and my hormones, rightfully so.

Lesson learned, math compasses are not appropriate for a home repair on your satellite dish.

For this reason, I am certain I am always right - he agrees - ha - yeah right!

More to come tomorrow!