I recently stumbled upon Aubrie's old notebook.

Mom used to write down Aubrie's daily antics in a notebook for me to enjoy when I got home.  Aubrie was hilarious when she was 3, and really she is still hilarious at 5.  It's just more filtered.

September 2009
PS - if you want to see how Aubrie is exactly my mini me click here & get a good laugh while you are at it!


6-28-09 - 3 1/2 years old:
At TJ Maxx we were checking out and Aubrie loudly says, "Mommy is that a man or a woman?" quite loudly about the cashier.  I tried to ignore her, but she persisted.  When I whispered it's a woman.  (It was obviously a woman).  Aubrie loudly responded, "She looks like a woman, but why does she sound like a man?"  Talk about wanting to melt in place!

Aubrie asked me if I was pregnant.  I said why do you think that?  (At the time Maggie was pregnant so I thought maybe she had that idea).  She said your belly is like Grandma Janie's because Everett & I made it fat.  Umm thanks - I think Mom & I both were offended by that one.

Aubrie had to go to the bathroom.  She looked in the stool & said, "Grandma, I pooped big - I ate vegetables & candy."  Mom said, "Yes, vegetables are good and you had yogurt and fruit & those are good."  Aubrie responded, "And Candy!"  Mom said, "Candy is not so good."  Aubrie said, Yes, but it made my poop big & soft!"  (This is because one day she was having a hard time going & Grandma told her you need more vegetables & fruit so it will be softer - she forgets nothing!)

Today Aubrie played doctor.  She wanted to take Mom's temperature & said "Grandma, open up your butt!" 

11-18-09:  Nearing 4 years old:
Aubrie was standing by Mom chuckling & when Mom turned around Aubrie was mooning her!

4-29-10 4 years old: 
When getting ready for school Aubrie insisted her booty was itchy.  I checked her pants and found nothing.  Then she says, "oh, maybe it was just a dog hair!"  ha ha!

Aubrie at 5 1/2    June 2011