Another good night!

I went to sleep at 12:30 in the morning.  Jade pulled another all-nighter.  That man is amazing.  I told him I bet the nurses think at home he takes care of the baby during the night too!  Little do they know how he loves his sleep.  He obviously loves me more because I slept until 6 and just was up just a few times.  I realized last night that when I am up, for some reason I can only keep one eye open - it's quite the look.  Hard sleep was ah-mazing!  I forced him to go nap at 8:30 this morning at the hotel.  He's going to crash hard because I know I did.  I was in the room with Ollie & never heard the machines beeping or the nurse in and out - I slept hard - yay!

Here is the chair/bed in Ollie's room where one of us can sleep.  It actually is not too bad!

The other one gets this chair & trust me after a few hours this chair is terrible!

Today she's even more herself.  We've seen a few smiles and she's talked a bit.  It's so exciting to see!  The tough girl also went so long on just Tylenol.  Can you even imagine?  She was due for more morphine at 10 PM, but she went until 8 this morning before you could tell she was uncomfortable and needing some help.  Talk about "walking" it off!  She got her morphine and morning meds and she's resting now.

They were hoping to move her to a regular pediatric room, but she's still working with a bit too much fluid so they are keeping her in the cardiac ICU for now.  I am fine with this because she is watched like a hawk & I like that..  They have upped her Lasix from twice a day to three times today and threw in an extra diuretic.  After she rests some she gets her central line out and her chest drainage tube out.  I am SO excited because this means I can nurse her!  She will be thrilled too because she really isn't enjoying the bottles.  She's eating maybe an ounce at a time with the bottles and you can tell she thinks they are crap.  I don't blame her, I'd rather be holding her too!

I am nervous about holding and moving her around.  However, the nurses do it and she seems to not care.  I have to just pump myself up for that.

So for now that's all I have, but I'm sure more great news is around the bend for us today!

She is seriously a rock star.  A tiny ten pound bundle of strength!!

I just marvel at how babies bounce back from a surgery like this & also at how good God has been to us!