Today Miss Ollie Faith tried something new.  Rice cereal.

It was not a complete fail.  It was not a huge success.

First, she karate kicked half of the cereal out of the bowl.  Not a great start.

She tasted it and her eyes got wide.

She decided to test it out some more.

After a majority being pushed out by her sassy tongue, she did swallow some.  

Go Ollie Go!

We then had our first argument of the day.  Aubrie proclaimed that she was a self taught make-up artist.  Everett disagreed.  A slap fight ensued.

They decided to make it a contest.  Everett would do his own make-up & Aubrie would style Maggie & Caroline.

Caroline was not having it either.

Maggie jumped in and they both got glamorous looks.

We decided it was a tie.  They all look fabulous in oily eye cream makeup!