June is finally here! 

I can't believe it.  Time flies when you have kids.  Since we found out about Ollie's heart, we were guessing her surgery would be in June.  We guessed right.  We have anxiously been waiting for June for months, and now...we're looking forward to July!

The weather has been HOT here!  I put out the sprinkler yesterday and the kids were Everett was thrilled.  Aubrie wailed dramatically on the porch like she had been beaten severely.  You see she HATES the outdoors.  She is adamant that the bees and wasps are conspiring against her and they are just dead set on stinging her.  She.is.a.diva.  I told her the options - play outside in the sprinkler or lay in your bed and watch Everett play.  She chose her bed & was then shocked that I wouldn't turn on the TV or a movie with the bonus of popcorn...she obviously wants to be a TV head this summer, and that's not gonna happen!  I thought I won, but she beat me at my own game by happily lying in her bed & taking a nap for over 2 hours.  What the crap she never does that.  Apparently she'll go to any length to win!

It's going to be a LONG summer with the bee lady.

You can tell by her pose she is 5 going on 16!  Oh and she got new glasses - yes she's getting big folks! 

I am spending as much time as possible doting over Miss O.  She's like crack cocaine for Moms - she is seriously addictive.  I am just dying over her cheeks & wrist rolls - ugh she's sweet!

We are all doing well and enjoying our time at home!  With no school, no work - I haven't drove the van in 2 days.  It's awesome!!  So much time to enjoy each other.

Ollie's surgery is exactly one week from today - keep the prayers a coming!!