The first two weeks home from open heart surgery left me with an unusually crabby girl. 

She was crying a lot & pre-surgery she rarely cried.

Luckily someone told me it was normal.  I don't blame her for being crabby - I'd be crabby too!

She's back to her old self.  She's a ridiculous flirt.

Seriously Moms, lock your sons up because there is a new heart break in town.

She's bringing a ham bone smile & the super squish chubby body!  The boys are going to collapse at her feet one day!

As to the bigs, they are up to no good as well.  They are at the library with Grandma so no pictures of them right now.  Here is a recap of the most recent ongoings...

Yesterday Everett woke me up at 6:30 with a flashlight to the eyes.  It was refreshing.

Today at 6:45 I woke up with stuffed animals surrounding my head & then he stuck his toe in my f ace saying I really needed to cut his toenails.  It's never a dull moment in the mornings because he's up bright and early & if he could whistle, he would!

Today he argued with me that I don't feed Ollie milk when I nurse her, I feed her crunchy chips - ouch!  Then he insisted he should try it - not gonna happen dude.

Then Aubrie went on a rant about noodled kittens.  You see, my fabulously awesome Dad scored us not one, but 3 new kittens (can you feel my sarcasm here?)  We already have an outside cat & a kitten named Ruby after Grandma Ruby.  Ruby is not fixed yet & Aubrie really wants a boy kitty that isn't Ruby's brother so we can have more kittens.  She thinks neutering is called noodling.  Ha ha I think noodling in this reference may mean something else!

Also, I wish the happiest birthday to my Dad & to my 2nd Dad, Uncle Doug.  They are two of the best men a girl could wish for.  They can do everything in the world & they are sure fun to tease.  Love you both!!