Today I am packing my entire family.

The bigs for their stay with my amazingly gracious cousin, Ellen until Maggie & Kylie return home.

Ollie for her stay with us up to surgery & then whatever clothes she can possibly wear as she recovers.

Jade & I for an undetermined amount of days as we sit by her side.  We have packed a lot...hoping laundry isn't a need.

I won't lie.  Today is hard.  I am struggling.  I am so anxious for Wednesday to meet her surgeon & hear his words & get a surgery time.  I am so anxious for Friday so this is in the past.  I feel unsettled.  I think this is the most scared I have ever been in my life.  I get hit with waves of calmness & strength, then knocked down by fear.  I am praying a lot.  I am glad we have no plans & I just get to sit with my kids & enjoy them the next two days.

She's sleeping now so I should finish this blog so when she's awake I can just sit and hold her.  So enjoy some pictures I took of her sweet chest before she gets her battle scar.

She's such a joy - I just love her so very much.