The bigs aren't here right now.  It's just me and O in this house.  She's asleep in her swing beside me as I type.  She's absolutely gorgeous - her pictures don't do her sweetness justice!

As Thursday approaches, oddly I'm getting more and more excited.  It sounds crazy, but here is why...

Right now her heart beat sounds slushy if that makes sense.  A murmur so strong you can feel it on her chest bone.  Thursday - her heart is going to beat beautifully.  It's going to be fixed.  I can not wait to hear it.  I need to make my Mom, Ruby & sisters hear it - I wish I could record the before & after!!

Friday is my 29th birthday.  This year I don't care about my birthday, but the best gift I will receive is that Ollie will be healing.  On Friday the surgery is behind us and we are simply healing.  Healing is a great word.

We will be able to move forward.  Since October we have feared June 9th and we didn't even know the exact date.  Finally, that heart surgery will be over & we will know Ollie feels good.  I can't even imagine - my baby will feel good!  She will be able to scream her lungs out if she wants!  I can't even imagine her screaming right now!

We will no longer worry about weight gain!!  That's right.  No more scales, no more precious ounces.  I will just nurse her.  And she will grow as she grows!  Oh it will be awesome.

And the most exciting part is from then on Ollie with thrive.  We will get to see a beautiful rebirth in our tiny girl.  I can not wait to see how strong she will be and how well she will bounce back.  She almost can roll over now & I think when she feels good she will.  We get to finally start therapy & she just gets to live.  Simply live & thrive!!!  And my family & friends - we all get to live with out holding our breath just a tiny bit.

God is so good.  We are so blessed that her tiny strawberry sized heart can be repaired & that we live in a country where we can access that medical care!  Oh it is going to be a beautiful week friends, absolutely beautiful. 

Again here is her prayer card.  Feel free to copy, print, blog, facebook, twitter - This picture is yours for the taking!