This summer we are playing hard.

Ollie is trying to avoid the advice of her older siblings because it often leads to trouble. 

We are hugging a lot.

Making silly faces.

Again, avoiding our older siblings advice. 

We are laughing a lot. 

These dang older siblings and their advice... 

And we are learning new things.  Photographs of footprints lead to learning experiences on the web.  And Wild Kratts leads to limitless fun on their online website.  Aubrie gives that a woot woot!

Mama is trying to learn how to tame the wild animals also known as Aubrie and Everett.  Emergency pees off the front porch have become all too common from Everett & Aubrie's fear of any type of bee/wasp is overwhelming at times.  Life is good and we are having fun this summer!  Bring on July!