Today the bigs went with Ruru to a reptile and snake show.

Aubrie was pumped about the corn snake.  It was bigger than the leader & she thought that was awesome.  I know the leader & a snake bigger than her quite frankly is disturbing in Illinois!  I thought snakes that big stayed in the Swamps of Swamp People - ick!

I spent the day with O.  We tried more rice cereal.  She ate some and then thought I was insane for trying more.  She napped a lot & flirted even more.  She tells me stories & we laugh and play.  I thought Everett Mason was obsessed with me, he doesn't even compare to this little girl!

She is scrumptious.  Her "rubber band" wrists make me want to eat her arms.  Seriously.  My friend called her "super squish".  If the title fits, wear it.

First attempt at painted toe nails - fail.

For dinner Jade fried up some bass.  My cousin caught a boat load, literally, and dropped it by.  We are a beef family.  I love me some steaks, some big fat steaks & burgers.  It is my protein of choice always & easy to obtain from my farmer Dad.  So fish - well that's a rarity.  Like maybe twice a year we eat fish.

Apparently fish should be consumed more often in our house.  Aubrie proclaimed she LOVES fish because you can see what the inside of a fish looks like.  What?  Who does that and why would it make that food sound good to eat?  She is slightly weird.  It was delicious though.

She also stated she doesn't like her food to touch & hasn't since well forever.  What?  Then she said, well that's not true, when I was a baby I let my food touch because it was all mother's milk.  Again, she's weird.

The kids were so excited about fish it was comical!  She also consumed at least 4 planks on her own.  Considering she eats like a bird most nights, 4 planks is a lot!!  Even Everett got in on the action as well as Caroline.  They slammed the fish.

Ollie O's scar is looking pretty good!  She's healing up like a champ 12 days post surgery.  She moves around like a crazy lady, you'd think it would be sore, but she acts like it doesn't even phase her.  She's seriously tougher than my Dad, and that's pretty stinking tough!