When I was pregnant & we found out that Ollie most likely had Down Syndrome I was sad.  I was heart broken.  All my dreams for her crashed around me.  That one ultrasound changed my life, or so I thought. 
I got over it.  I found blogs with children that had Down Syndrome & it comforted me.  However, I was still only 5 months pregnant & very hormonal.  For 5 long months I wondered about my Ollie.  Would she have Down Syndrome.  Would it matter to me?  Would I be sad the day of her birth?  It was really hard to wait until she was delivered to have that answer. 
I tried to pray DS away.  Then, I prayed with open hands praying for God's will to be done.  All along it felt wrong because I knew in my heart she had Down Syndrome.

The day she was born, I was sad for maybe 2 minutes.  Then, they put her in my arms and she smiled and it all melted away.  I instantly loved her just like I love Aubrie & Everett.  I celebrated her just like I did Aubrie & Everett.  She was ours, and she was perfect.
Now, 9 months later, 4 months after her birth I can say Down Syndrome makes me happy.  She makes me happy, overjoyed really.  She is beautiful.  She laughs with her whole body.  Her almond eyes, crooked tiny pinkies, her chubby neck, her single life line, her repaired heart...they all make me happy.  Life with out her is unimaginable.

What makes me sad is that I can't ever have another baby like her (unless we adopt).  She is one of a kind.  God doesn't create a baby with Down Syndrome very often.  What makes me even more sad is that when he does create one of these miracle babies, 90% of them are aborted out of fear.  Those families will never ever know what they missed out on.  They are missing out on a special peek into heavens doors!
You see my Ollie is awesome.  She has this sparkle in her eyes like she has laughed with God.  When she grows she will be just like any other kid.  She will run and play, giggle and sing, dance and clap.  She will talk & walk.  She will go to school & learn.  She will do anything she sets her heart upon.  The only difference is that it may take her a little longer to do things that others take for granted, but she will do them.  She will celebrate bigger because she will work harder to get there.

It makes me sad that not all people know the beauty in Down Syndrome.  Some see it as a birth defect.  The people that really know Down Syndrome see it as a blessing.
They are making a new blood test to detect Down Syndrome much more accurately and earlier in pregnancy.  I fear the abortion rate will rise above 90%.  I have heard them say that Down Syndrome will no longer exist.  That's not the case.  Down Syndrome will exist, but it will be eradicated.  The babies will still be created.  They will be there with beating little hearts, and many of them will be removed before they have their chance to shine.  It is sad.  I pray that the families that find out they are having a child with Down Syndrome stumble upon a blog like mine or a blog like my many friends in this community.  I pray that our beautiful blessings convince them that this life is precious & that our children are  perfectly & wonderfully created by HIM.