I have been putting off today since last June.

Last June Jade & I were deep into P90X.

I had lost 7 pounds and numerous inches after a month.  Then, voila I was pregnant.  Must have been the new hot bod I was working on...

So today I have officially started over.  Ollie is healed and I don't feel like I need to worry about stealing milk from her, I am trying to eat healthier as a bonus so she's getting better milk.  Plus, I'm not scared of losing her anymore so sitting her down for 30 minutes is a good thing.

I am not doing P90X this time.  Although I love the program, Jade isn't joining in on the workout & I need him to push me on that one because it's hard!

Today I started Chalene's Turbo Fire, and oh my gosh it's HARD!

I'm going to be feeling it tomorrow, but hopefully in a week I'll see a difference & hopefully in a month then 3 months I'll still be pushing play and getting results.  Since I'm home all day now it's my goal - get healthy and get rid of my Mom's jeans - yes I'm wearing my Mom's jeans because even my fat jeans don't fit - depressing - super depressing!!