My bigs came!

Everett quickly decided everything here was A-OK.

Aubrie was so excited.  She missed Ollie and loved seeing her.  She is fascinated by her incision & is just dying to see what it really looks like under the bandage.  We may have some future health care worker on our hands.  She stated, I don't want to fix hearts, I just want to sew up the skin...hmmm sounds like a plastic surgeon to me!

She also announced that oxygen comes from trees.  She is smart this girl.

They were thrilled when we got Ollie out.  Aubrie insisted she should hold her, and of course we didn't let her.

The familiar sound of chaos in the air with Aubrie & Everett around quickly threw Ollie into a coma.  She's been listening to cello and Mozart cds while we are here, we need a Reid household sounds cd & we'd be set.

Everett went into posing mode.  He was ramped up after the two hour car ride & the excitement of seeing so many people he loves.  Plus, a small room with a hundred things he shouldn't touch - he was wound!

He was bringing goofy back.

He has super lashes like his daddy & brownish black eyes.

Aubrie got in on the crazy too.

They even stole the camera and got Jade to participate.

Aunt Abbie got her squeezes onto Miss O.  She loved it.

Dad talked to Ollie about how tough she is.  He always walks it off so she obviously got the gene from him.  They have deep conversations about life all the time. 

Love this little tough as nails girl!

Oh and I have been moving her around & even burped her.  I'm getting used to her incision, well kind of...