I am SO excited to share that yesterday I officially quit my job.

I am now a house wife to him

and a stay at home Mom to them

This has ALWAYS been my dream since I was a little girl. 

We never thought we could do it.

Now we realize that we can do it, and that it's worth it.  A HUGE thank you & amount of love to Jade for wanting this for our family and working his butt off daily to make it happen.  He is the best!

I will miss my co-workers that have become my friends over the past 5 years.  I will miss my company because they were the best place to work for a family.  Seriously, awesome company!  I am thankful that they understood that home was the best place for me to be, and supported my decision as I was on extended maternity leave until now.

Ollie Faith Designs is also back in business so if you need a blanket or a piece of jewelry email me at housethatjadebuilt@gmail.com.  I will also be doing some custom furniture painting, house decorating - pretty much anything I think I can handle along with 3 kids & Trudie so please e-mail me!