Caroline JoAnn is obsessed.

Obsessed in a BIG way with the BEAST.

Grandma Janie scored her a Beast doll that transforms into the prince off of Amazon.  Caroline is hooked.

She carries him around everywhere.

She has a backpack filled with her movies, Belle, and the Beast.  He is so tall he hangs out the top.  She takes the inserts (you know the movie information with pictures) out of the DVD boxes and hugs them.

She tells everyone, "The beast is nice."  She gets furious if you say he is not.

The other night she insisted on sleeping with the Beast.

Maggie said, "Do you want his boots on or off?"

Caroline responded, "Boots on, pants off."

It cracks me up!  Who knew the Beast would steal this 22 month olds heart, especially the pantless beast!