These were too cute not to share.  They cracked Jade & I up.  They got some answers deadly accurate - oh my!  Thank you to their teachers - I am loving my gifts from the kids' this year - they are keepsakes for sure!

From Aubrie:
My mom's full name is:  Annie Reid
Her age:  I don't know, maybe 81
Her weight:  37
My mom's job is:  making jewelry and painting furniture
Her favorite food is:  supper
Her favorite color is:  red
Something my mom cooks that tastes really good is:  mashed potatoes, gravy, and fried chicken
We have fun when mom & I:  go to fun places like the Kids' Museum
When mom gets to relax, she likes to:  sleep
When the TV is on, mom really likes to watch:  Mommy shows
If I had LOTS of money, I would buy my Mom:  a van for Mother's Day

From Everett:
My mom's name is:  Mommy, or My mom doesn't have a name
She is:  "so tall"  years old
My mom has "white" hair and "brown" eyes.
Her favorite color is:  turquoise
Her favorite food is:  chicken noodles
When I am at preschool, my mom is:  working on computer
My favorite thing to do with m, mom is:  Work  (obviously you can tell we do too many projects!)

Happy Mother's Day to all you fabulous Moms out there.  Also, a special thank you to my Mom - I love you more than you will know - you are fabulous!  And to my mother in law Ruby - you too are spectacular!  I am blessed with two great Moms that I am proud to call mine.  They are constant pillars of support & help when I need it!!