Today Ollie Faith was dedicated at our church.

She was all dressed up in a beautiful hand me down dress of Aubrie's.  It was sweet.

Pictures with 3 kids, was interesting.  For some reason they never all 3 cooperate at once.  So we did the best we could.  We have too many pictures of ridiculous poses, and one picture where all 3 are for the most part looking at the camera.

They love their baby sister & she adores them!

She was rocking the hair, and the baby blues today.  There wasn't a heart she didn't steal at church.  They all prayed for her heart & prayed for her to love Jesus.

We promised to raise her in a Christian home, and teach her about our heavenly father.  We promised to show her his love, so that she will know the God's power.  She is one of His.  I always tell her that Jesus loves his little children, and she is treasured by Him my friends.  We are in the perfect church to help us do this!  We love New Hope.

At church several of my family members came.  We had a big crowd.  My family is massive to say the least.  We also met several people which was nice.  Our church is huge so meeting people & hearing their sweet words was really a blessing as well.

I was very touched to see some co-workers come to support our family as well.  They miss me daily & care about my family.  My job is filled with the most compassionate, amazing co-workers you could ever wish for. It's truly a family first team & they showed that, by allowing me all this time at home with Ollie - no questions asked.  My co-workers think I'm hilarious, and sometimes I think I am too.  It was good to see them.  I have made amazing friends in the five years I have worked there, I miss seeing them daily because they are funny too.

Jade & I were proud today.  Proud to show off our family & proud to dedicate sweet Ollie Faith to the lord publicly.  She is amazing & it is easy to see her strength in her tiny smile.

God is good & we are blessed beyond measure.  And yes she looks like I feed her only butterfat in her cheeks, but she is a wee little thing.  Ten pounds of fighter this girl!

My grandma wrote in her card, Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.  It made me cry.  Ollie has more challenges than typical kids may have, but she's going to take them all on & show us all how special & strong she is.  First open heart surgery, then she's going to take on physical & occupational therapy.

  I am proud to be her Mama today, and every other day.  She is awesome.