Don't let this handsome devil fool ya.

He's cute I know - trust me I know.

He has me wrapped around his pinkie finger with his "I lobe you to the moon & back"'s.  He is sweeter than sweet...

and super duper ornery.

He's smart.  He fully assembled this & turned it on.  Luckily no giant hickies were left behind...

He plays hard & is a tornado...then he crashes even harder - in his gum boots.  I didn't dare move him because he'd be back up at full speed again.

No matter what time he goes to bed - count on it - he'll be up at 6 AM.  He lives up to his name Everett.  Just like Grandpa he's an early riser.  He loves fixing things & I see a mechanic or farmer growing deep within his soul.

Today we had a MAJOR catastrophe.

You see.  We got these for Christmas...

Sadly - Tuna & Patty died.  So we got Dyson (the sucker fish) & then two new fish - Goldie (a plain goldfish) and Fannie (a fan-tailed goldfish).  Aubrie named these fish. I heard a crash & Everett hysterically bawling.

And it took time to process...what the crap was going on.

I realized holy shiz-nit.  Everett spilled the fish tank!!!

Half the water was gone - rocks on the ground - Dyson the sucker fish wedged between the wall & the woodwork...oh my gosh it was BAD!  I cleaned it all up & sanitzed the bathroom praying it won't smell like fish & still managed to get the two kids to town by 8 AM - again Everett is up so stinking early we had time to kill!!

So we had one casualty today - Goldie has died.

Aubrie will be mad.  She will probably spank Everett - or he thinks she will.  For some reason if she tells him she will spank him - he believes she has the authority to do so.  Reminder - she is 5 - he is 3 - and no we don't allow her to spank and discipline - she's just something else in her own mind!