Aubrie recently went to the dentist & came out with count 'em 4 cavities!

Jade & I were shocked - what the crap - how did that happen?  Then, we closely watched her brush her teeth - and we knew.  It doesn't help that we have well water & you forget the benefits of city water with fluoride in it for your shiny now we have fluoride supplements & anti-cavity wash to throw basically down the drain because the kids like to consume as much as possible at any given time.

So anyway, today Everett & I had our turn at the dentist. 

Why is it that when you get in a dental chair your kids go wild?  I'm leaned all the way back with my mouth open wide & hands in it.  I start to see the blinds opening & shutting.  Everett was messing with them...of course.  I was dying of embarrassment.  I wanted to crawl into a hole.  I finally tried the silent pinch to make him behave - then I got the ouch Mom why are you pinching me...kind of defeats the silent pinch purpose.  The rest of the time he sat between my legs on the dental chair about 3 inches from my face watching her clean my teeth - talk about a visit from h-e-double toothpicks as my mom says!

Ends up I have a cavity - I had 2 this fall.  Jeez no wonder where Aubrie gets it - I have rotten teeth.  Jade has never nada not ever had a cavity...of course he'd be that perfect darn it.

So when it was finally Everett's turn I went up front to nurse Ollie.

I could hear him the entire time.  He.never.shut.up.  I kept thinking gosh how are they cleaning his teeth?  Well they couldn't.  Then, I hear him touching the tooth brush thing & it's going rrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrr and the dentist said please doing touch that and it goes rrrrrrrr again - then Everett says what is that?  Again, I was mortified. 

So the dentist eventually comes up & tells me that Everett has a place that could become a potential cavity too - fan freaking tastic.  So much for a week with out doctor or dentist or eye doctor or ear doctor visits.  Next Wednesday I get another cavity