Miss O is better.  She caught my cold, but thank goodness for the awesome immunity in breast milk because she's back at it!

She went Monday to the doctor because I felt she was struggling with her heart a bit.  We upped her Lasix for 2 days.  We went back Friday and she was looking better - she's back to her regular medication dosage.  She's up to a whopping 9 pounds 15 ounces at 13 weeks of age.  She's around 21" long.  I was this size at birth - yes I'm not kidding.  My poor Mom...

I thought you might enjoy a glorious thigh shot.  That's right - she's breaking out her small amount of chub for the warm summer season already!  Get ready for bikini weather!  she'll be rocking some rolls, and a serious battle scar to show everybody who the tough girl is!