Wow is all I can say.  Since I have been home the last 13 weeks, I have realized by working I miss a lot.  I mean A LOT!  I miss the after school stories & the ridiculous rants my kids go on.  I feel the need to share...

First let's tackle Aubrie & FYI sometime I capture her singing because you would all just die over it.

I decided it was perhaps time to tell Aubrie that Ollie has Down Syndrome.  I wanted her to hear it from me first.  WHAT was I thinking?  Here is how it went...

I told her that Ollie was very special.  She replied "I know Mommy.  God made us all different and special."  Point 1 goes to Aubrie.  I tried to explain that we need to be patient that it may or may not take Ollie longer to do or learn certain things.  That Ollie may get married or she may not, that she may live with Mommy & Daddy forever, or she may have her own place, but that Ollie can do anything she sets her mind to.  Aubrie was obsessed - couldn't believe - that Ollie wouldn't want a husband.  What girl in her right mind wouldn't want a husband?  I had to divert her attention after that mind blower.  I told Aubrie Ollie had Down Syndrome.  She then wanted to know if I had it, if Jade had it, and if she had it.  Again point loss by me.  It's a super hard thing to describe to a 5 year old!  After giving up - I said do you have any questions?  She said "YES!"  Her question was..."When will Ollie be five?"  I should have stuck to the basics, and realized she wasn't ready for this talk at all.

Then, I took Aubrie on her pre-school field trip to the Kindergarten center.  She was by the way a shockingly well behaved sweet girl at school.  I think she may be bi-polar at home, but anyway...that night she said, "You know Mommy - I'm not really a Justin Bieber fan."  I said, "Do you even know who he is?  He's a music singer."  She said "No.  But today at the Kindergarten, Morgan and Emily saw a backpack with Justin Bieber on it and they screamed out OOOOO Justin Bieber.  I wasn't really impressed."  After that statement - I was shocked by her 5 year old mouth.  How do they seriously even know about Justin Bieber - they are 4 and 5...amazing!

Tonight she came home from Grandma's & told us how to smash leaves off trees.  Do you know how?  Well it's simple - apparently you put the leaves into a Bob Dylan book.   That's right - requires some Bob Dylan.  Then when we asked who is Bob Dylan - she said, "He's just a little rocker guy."  I'm sure Bob Dylan would appreciate that one considering his extreme talent that awes my husband.  Not kidding Jade - in love with Bob and his hair....

Now onto Everett Mason.  He's just funny in the way that he speaks - seriously the way he inflects on certain words just makes him hilarious - his preschool teacher loves that about him.

He came in tonight so upset because the training wheel came off his bike.  He decided he'd get some tools to fix it.  I went out and he had a screw, a drill (with a phillips head on it), a pencil, and something else I didn't know what it was.  He said, "Mom I just love fixing stuff, it makes me so happy."  He's funny and cute!  And no he didn't fix his bike...he didn't have the nut he needed to fix it with.  When I gave it to him, then he fixed it.  What a brilliant 3 year old - he's sure to be the next Stuart Fox (my Dad).

Then, he ran out tonight of the shower naked - he loves to shake his wang around, and unfortunately for us he likes to touch his toes & angle his butt in the air pantless - nice I know.  Maggie & Kylie even get to enjoy this after dinner show.  Tonight he was digging in his booty crack - nasty.  We insisted he wash his hands, he insisted it wasn't needed.  Maggie then said, yes Everett you'll get worms!  He goes, "In my booty?!?"  Maggie said, Yes!  He goes, "Oh"...and washed his hands.  With him you have to find the exact right phrase of words for him to get it.  Sometimes you can argue argue argue & then you say the perfect thing and he goes Oh or Sure & voila he's doing what you want.