Saturday night was the big tumbling recital.

Aubrie and Everett tumble together.  Aubrie loves it! 

I always seriously wondered how Everett I know.

he runs around like a wild man.  No wonder he's so exhausted after tumbling!

Aubrie did great.  She pointed her toes.  I could tell she pays close attention to her form to make sure she does everything like they tell her to.

She got to wear some makeup & was thrilled about it!  Her eyelashes are seriously  They looked fake - I'm her mother & I still CAN'T get over how long they were.  I am jealous.

Everett did not wear makeup, but he did get hair product in his mohawk.  During the show we realized that he mainly pesters his sister, plays "kissy girl" (yikes he's 3), and wears a spandex leotard.  All the girls love him...oh dear.

Luckily he's cute so they let him hug on them!  Hopefully tumbling pays off for Ev.  Jade swears it will make him more limber so he is a better wrestler - again he's 3 and Jade's worrying about how he will broken arm so far - many more I fear...

I just hope he's not the next Jake the Snake - which I have had the pleasure of meeting in real life - yes my life is that glamorous & awesome.  Jealous much??

Oh and the song was 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' - hilarious.  One day Everett will kill Jade & I for this.