Ollie is getting quite the personality lately.

She smiles with her whole body.  It is awesome.

Her cheeks - well they are addictive.  I am addicted to her fat cheeks & her sweet almond eyes.

She's constantly signing - Boom - I don't know what that's about.

As surgery approaches, I am feeling great about things.  For once I'm feeling calm - I think we are getting a lot of prayers and God knows I needed the strength right now.  I am not as scared as I was to lose her, but I'm actually getting excited to get this done so she can just explode out of the shell that her heart has her in right now.  When she is fully healed, she will be able to start therapy & start kicking developmental butt!  I am very excited about that because her doctor says she has great tone - we are ready to build some more!

If you see us out and about, please know it's because we must run that errand.  Since she nurses exclusively and her heart burns my breastmilk so fast - she literally is with me everywhere.  She nurses about every hour during the day!  Sometimes I have to take her places I don't want to take her - I wish I could leave her with a grandma so she wouldn't be so publically exposed, but alas I can't.  So please, please, please...I know she is hard to resist, but please don't touch her.  With so few days until surgery time we don't want any new germs - if she gets sick - surgery gets post-poned - or she gets hospitalized possibly from the germ she gets.  People touch her constantly & I then have to wipe her tiny hands down with sanitizer because she chews her hands now so those germs go straight to her mouth.  Just think about all the things you touch in a day - it's a lot - car keys, dirty cell phones, carts, doors, light switches...plus you just shouldn't touch a baby without asking.  So anyway, that is my small rant today - don't touch the baby - for the love of God - don't touch the baby!  Just smile at her because she'll smile back.  Oh and no worries to the elite few that do get to love on her - you are still allowed, but only if you are not sick & you have freshly washed your hands.

Oh and a huge THANK YOU to everyone that has passed out a prayer card for us or that is praying for us.  All 3,000 prayer cards are gone - I have one for her baby book - that's it!  You are all awesome and we feel so loved right now!  Remember that where two or three come together in prayer - God is there as well!  You are doing amazing works with your prayers & he is listening & we will forever be grateful for this community we live in and that I blog in!  God is good!