he obviously built me some very poor milk ducts!

Ha you didn't "girl" talk coming did you? 

I didn't think so!

You see I ALWAYS get a blocked milk duct when I nurse & let me tell you it makes a large knot and hurts like a mother.  True story.  The block is the size of a grain of sand & causes pain like a cow kicked you in the boob no joke.

Well this time - typical fashion it happened.  But no no no...the only week we had zero doctor appointments.   I developed one super sore boob.  Then, a fever.  Then, a fever of 102.5.  A fever that high with 3 kids is unpleasant to say the least.  I ached so bad the bones in my toes hurt to walk, and I swear I could feel my liver aching. 

Yes...I am that ridiculous!

So I went to my OB Monday & guess what...no blocked duct.  This time my boob reared it's ugly head with mastitis. 

Awfulness...I think yes.  Antibiotics 4x daily...praise the lord.

I am better!  Just in time for our HUGE Ethel Edith spring show THIS Saturday!!!

So this week I had one doctor appointment...more next week...and the next...and the next.  Be jealous - I read a lot of magazines!