Yesterday we took Ev Mason to St. Louis Children's to get the stinky cast removed.  I had blamed the stale urine smelling cast to a mid-night oops I peed the bed event that happened.  Nice Mom - I know.  Now I believe that maybe casts just stink period.  Because they cut that baby off - him laughing hysterically the entire time - and his entire arm smelled rancid. 


After the stinky cast deal we were so fortunate to meet the real Pudge & Biggie in person!  They smartly waited until after cast removal to meet up! 

If you don't read about these kiddos you need to do it now.  First, their Mom is absolutely hysterical.  Beyond her hilarious stories, these kids are stinking the cutest things ever & they are even more scrumpdiddlyumptious in person!!

Courtney wrangled these two into town after a 4 hours drive solo.  That is one impressive Mommy!  They were escorted into the cafeteria in their personal limo wagon.  LC immediately jumped out when she was freed and walked through the cafeteria waving at everyone - like hey I have arrived!  She's a heart stealer this girl. 

She's also a slight table dancer.  Who can't love a tiny girl in a pink tutu with the best pigtails ever?!?

They quickly taught Everett the ways of cell phone games.  He is now officially hooked!

Biggs became my friend in a heart beat & I love love loved holding him.  He has the prettiest blue eyes a girl could ever wish for! 

Mom got her turn to wrangle him as well.

We couldn't get enough of these two kiddos.  I seriously could steal them from Courtney.  If only they lived closer I could have played with them all day!!

Their Mom is a sweet heart as well - she's answered SO many questions for me about Miss O's heart - I just think the world of her.  She also e-mailed me some pictures she took of my kids.  Obviously her nice camera blows my poor point & shoot out of the water!!