If you haven't visited my Mama's blog yet, you need to.  She has surprised me with her wit time and time again.  I'm not sure why, because I always knew she was hilarious.  We had peer pressured her into blogging & she reluctantly went along with it saying what will I blog?!?

Now she blogs daily.  I learn stories I never knew.  I laugh my butt off often at her stupidity.  She's what we call 'Stupid in a good way'.

Beyond what she calls blathering, she's full of a lot more.

She's full of faith & her walk with Jesus is close and personal.  Her support of me never wavers.  She's the best mom!  I am proud to be one of her children.

She recently shared a very personal story of our life that I have never shared here.  It wasn't my story to share.  I felt that only my Mom could tell it best.  It is the story of my younger twin brothers.

When Jade & I were told about Miss O's heart and possible DS in October my heart broke not only for myself & Jade, but for my parents as well.  They have loved and lost & I didn't want them to relive this fear again.  In fact it was one of the first things I told Jade when we got in the van that day.  I worried about my Mom often over Ollie's heart, now I realize she has more faith in her pinky toe than I had ever imagined.

I now have a deep understanding of where my parents have walked.  They are an amazing support team for Jade & I because they have lived it.  They have one of the best marriages because of what they have experienced.  Their walk with Jesus is close because he has carried them.

I know in my heart that Miss O will have a different outcome.  I know she is a blessing & a gift from God for our family.  We are blessed to walk this path again.

We are blessed to have our close knit family, we are blessed to have Ollie Faith, we are blessed to one day reunite in heaven to have our entire family together again.

God is good all of the time.