with multiple pictures of Miss O.

You want to know how she's doing? 

Well she's kicking butt & taking names.

She loves her big brother.

He makes her laugh!

She gets sick of the camera in her face far too often!

Her big sister is her role model!

Three Reid kids...well one day this means massive amounts of trouble!

She rocks a good outfit combined of many different outfits since she is SO small & Easter was chilly this year.  When she's officially out of newborn clothes, I will be shocked!  She's 10 weeks old and hopefully, fingers crossed, ten pounds.  Don't let the cheeks fool you!

Oh yeah she's doing good!

Her hair looks wind blown.

She loves her tongue!

Her eyes are still blue & her lashes are getting longer!

She's just stunning really.  So many words describe this teeny tiny bundle of joy, hope, and most of all faith!

May 6th - next cardio appointment & we get our surgery date!  Pray for Ollie and her surgeon Dr. Huddleston!!