I literally keep a spreadsheet on medical mileage and expenses...yes seriously my life is that glamorous!

Well it's still up in the air on Ev-E Mason's arm.  He has a greenstick fracture in his radius bone.  I asked his pediatrician to take a look because the ER said it was bruised, then broken, then another doctor said greenstick fracture but no sling or cast was needed.  Confusing...yes!  I love our pediatrician so I had him to give me his opinion and he wants Everett to see a pediatric orthopedic doctor tomorrow in St. Louis.

He doesn't use his arm like he normally does, and it still hurts.  I feel bad for him.  Tomorrow it's been broken for a week.

On top of his arm, he has a pimple outbreak.  Since Christmas we have been battling these little red bumps that started on his booty & thighs.  We have tried 3 creams, and 3 oral medications...no luck.  They are BAD now.  They have spread to his chest & they never had whiteheads on them, and now some do.  Ugh I feel bad for him and we can't figure it out.  What's the cause, what medication will fix it?  Today they look a smidge better - I think!  He has so many though it's hard to tell what's old and what's new. 

No new laundry detergent, no new foods, he doesn't wear pull ups, he's taking showers with anti-bacterial soap...ugh I wish I knew what was going on.  So we may have to go back to the pediatrician if not see a dermatologist on his pimples...that would make 2 doctor appointments for Everett this week.

Ollie goes Friday to the cardiologist - I'm hoping she blows his mind with her amazingness.  Actually I know she will - she's spectacular.  So her appointment is #3 for this week.  She has an appointment weekly with someone - that's how she rolls.

Aubrie G's is healthy now knock on wood.  She had Aunt Maggie give her a sweet new haircut, and man oh man she thought she was banging cute!  Can you tell by her righteous pose???  She really is something else this girl!!

She doesn't know it yet, but she's DYING to go to the bone doctor with Everett (thank you Bubble Guppies - Moms you know the episode).  It's going to be a nice day so I'm going to surprise her and take her with me.  After the morning appointment I'm taking the two big kids on a surprise trip to the zoo.  They are going to be thrilled!  I can't wait I love the St. Louis zoo!  It's free & has great animals!  It's going to be wonderful!