Today I registered little miss for kindergarten.

I can't believe she's this big.  It seems like yesterday when I brought this screaming, black haired, Mohawk rocking girl home.  Now she's 5.  Soon she will go to school five days a week, all day.

She will ride the school bus.  Kids learn the worst words on the school bus...oh boy.  I know this from experience...thank you Robby Tilford.

She is "egg-cited" as she would say it.  She won a lot of hearts at her screening today.  They take the kids back alone & quiz them to see where they are at developmentally.  She of course aced her tests.  She would have loved to give them "aminal" facts.  She's all about giant squids and sperm whales right now.  Ask her about them, or robin eggs...prepare to be educated.

I'm not kidding...I learn so much from her it's ridiculous.  Just ask her. 

Or ask her about her hugs.  She said she gives the best hugs...her preschool teacher said so.  She loves her preschool teacher - as do I.

Jade took her mushroom hunting.  They are poor mushroom hunters.  They found 1 mushroom & smushed it on the way home.


Jade later told me how hilarious they were in the woods.  That everything was a learning experience.  Everett was ah-mazed over the snake holes...nice giant snakes in our woods...fantastic.

When they were done, she brought me a bouquet of weeds.

Love this girl, and her dirty little fingernails.