Well Ollie is almost 10 weeks old, and I'm finally sharing the pictures of Maggie & Kylie's basement bedroom - AKA the basement condo!

It's a big room in a fabulous turquoise color.

This is Maggie's dresser.  Kylie bought it for her as a gift.  We ran into it on a junk trip and Maggie fell in love with it.

She has a love of old things as well.  Most of her collections are boxed up, but some of her favorite things are in this room.

Here is their family painting Abbie made.  It is a perfect portrait of Kylie, Maggie, Caroline, and tiny mean Hazel.

After they moved in they needed a headboard so we did some thinking.  Mom had an old picket fence that worked perfectly with the word love painted on it.

Isn't this side table fabulous!  Maggie has quite the loot of fabulous cabinets.  Most of them are in storage until she builds her dream house this summer.

This is another great find Maggie scored at 3rd Sunday Market a few years ago.

We love love love old paint!

She has a little vanity table perfect for her make up.

It's the perfect space for their growing family as they help out my family in a big way.

P.S.  Maggie is expecting her second daughter in August, baby Penelope!  I'm excited!!