Join the R-Word campaign & spread the word to END the word.

What is this word? 

The R-word is retarded.

I used to be guilty of using this word.  I'll be quite honest.  My best friend pointed it out to me one day way before Ollie, and I made it a point to avoid that word.  I understood what she was saying, and she was right.

Some how we have made this word an "acceptable" word in our language.  We allow others to use it around us, and we use it all the time when we are joking around.  It's "acceptable" to most to call someone else retarded.  However, it's extremely derogatory.

It stereotypes, it's offensive, it's hurtful, it's demeaning.  It IS a hate word.

When I hear this word now, I cringe because the R-word is NOT my daughter. 

This doesn't mean if you use this word around me that I'll hold it against you, but yes it does bother me.  There are so many other words to be used, so replace the R-word with respect.  Respect for me, respect for my daughter, respect for an entire community of people with feelings just like my little Ollie.

Go to the link above to sign up for the campaign to abolish this word & replace it with understanding, inclusion, and approval.


“Everyone has a gift and the world would be better off if we recognized it.” – Timothy Shriver, Chairman and CEO of Special Olympics.