Life is good.  Great actually.

I am busy ALL day long.

I clean, do endless laundry, feed Miss Ollie, pump, feed the big kids, pump, change diapers, sew, stamp jewelry, paint furniture.  The list goes on and on.  It's good though!  Maternity leave definitely isn't a vacation!  But since I'm staying home until after surgery Mama needs to bring in some cash so I've been blessedly busy with my side jobs!

I like to multi-task & I am doing a lot of that!  I'm kicking the task lists butt daily.

I hold this gal a lot!

Her priority every day is to sleep, eat, poop.  If she isn't pooping, my sister Abbie the chiropractor makes her poop.  She is good like that.  The aunt that scares the poop out literally!

Seriously Mamas, if your child is ever needing to poop & can't - visit a chiropractor - they poop immediately - it's bizarre I know.

Yes she sleeps hard.  She's doing so well though!  I'm anxious for a weigh in at the pediatrician tomorrow!  She seems chubbier so we shall see!

In our "free" time we try to do fun stuff.  Aubrie likes to craft a lot.  I mean like all day she'd craft.  So I'm forcing the kids to play outside.  I played outside all day when I was little, crafting is good, but we can't sit indoors all day crafting and watching TV - not gonna happen.  She does NOT like to play outside...think bees, bugs, spiders, heat, and on and puts her in a panic mode fast.  However, she will dig for worms for hours with her booty crack out...worms apparently aren't in the same bug category as everything else.  Everett supervises her and sneaks in a cold hot dog - his favorite snack - as much as possible.  I have to watch him closely when hot dogs are in the house - he LOVES them.  It's scary what schemes these mega-minds come up with daily.  Payback has hit me for my childhood in a big way...

This gal has a cold now.  No fever praise the lord, but a cough, yes.  Try to tell a 5 year old not to cough on or near the baby - then she will cough directly on the baby.  It's just how they work so she's sporting a mask.  She hates the mask - it interferes with her glasses - I get that.  Thankfully Grandma Janie came and took the big kids to play today.  Aubrie is staying the night and she couldn't be more thrilled about it.  She said and I quote "Grandma Janie has a HUGE house for me to play and craft in!"  Oh snap Grandma Janie - you'd better have some big time crafts in mind for this girl!