Yes this post involves Ollie, but...

it also includes my Grandma Toots.  The inspiration behind Ethel Edith & our junking ways.

and Grandpa Howard.  How can you seriously not adore someone rocking a hat like that around town.  Seriously, he's cute.

They have been DYING to see Ollie since she was born, but Grandma had a cold.  They finally got to come & oh were they happy with her.

Note, Grandma made Grandpa take off his hat for more pictures.  Also, Grandma is wearing her favorite color pink.  Once at Cato, she actually said "Pink is my worst weakness."  I get it honest, as does my Mom.  Three generations of pink, animal print, and bling lovers combined.  A dangerous force we are.

Ollie loved them as they loved her.  She finally woke up to flirt for quite awhile.

This year I believe Grandma will be 87 and Grandpa 93.  They are fantastic aren't they!  Happily married for over 60 years (I'd tell you how many, but ugh I can't remember)!