Oh don't let this girlfriend deceive you.

She is rocking the belly and the cheeks, but she's a wee little thing!  She's still wearing the newborn clothes and she'll be 6 weeks on Thursday!

We finally got her taking the formula supplement in her breast milk every time.  She eats 2 ounces about 8 times a day.  I wish girlfriend would eat 3 ounces, but I'm not pushing her - every ounce of liquid gold is for the most part staying inside.  If we push it - she explodes and we lose all that precious breast milk and calories.  Since I'm a slave to my pump I have a HUGE amount of frozen milk...not sure what we'll do with all that!  My sister Maggie is amazed at my frozen supply!  Oh and woo to the hoo - she will nurse some!  There is still hope for after surgery that we'll only nurse - I'm telling you this bottle feeding business is way harder than nursing!

She's doing great!  Rocking the hairdo as always, grinning like a wild woman, and sleeping hard like she's in hibernation!

She goes back to the pediatrician on Monday - I'm praying we've hit 9 pounds...keep your toes and fingers crossed for us!

Also, if you like my house & my furniture...Ethel Edith is back for spring!  We have some very cool inventory on hand & some new colors sure to knock your socks off!  Our first show is April 2nd, and our big spring show is April 30th with multiple amazing vendors by our side!  Check out our Ethel Edith blog for details or find us on Facebook!