My kids are obsessed with a PBS  show, Wild Kratts.


Yesterday Aubrie built a "creature power suit".

This is her making the face that Chris makes on the show.  Yeah...I know!

She went all out & cut and taped everything by herself.  She made a boot.

and a glove - why not pairs - I do not know.

The feature was the anteater vest.  That's right she's an anteater.

Then, she put on a play about the creatures.  She's something else this little lady. 

They ask every single day when the new show is on.  Everyday I say 4:00.  Everyday they argue with me on when 4:00 is.  When it's 4 - pure joy for a new episode about a new creature.  Thank you PBS.

She's growing up way too fast!  T-ball this spring, kindergarten this fall, big helper/sister.  Geez - too much too soon!

PS - Everett calls it Wild Craps - oh yes he does!