As we work on the two bedrooms, we gate the bottom of the stairs for wee Caroline & mass chaos ensues.

Where is Everett?  Oh, Aubrie whipped him into submission, and threw him under the blanket as a cat in a cage!

He eats it up!

The toy room is in the basement so toys explode, literally, everywhere!

Hazel, Maggie's mega B, keeps a watchful eye over the group.  She tries to put everyone back in line if need be.  She is a tiny gal, and her and Trudie have had a few knock down, drag out fights.  Trudie is much older, but has some weight and usually kicks Hazels behind.  It's never a dull moment under the dinner table!

Caroline rocks out at the piano.  She also rocks out her chubby thighs and leggings around the house.  Her legs are like nothing I have ever seen!  I LOVE them!  My kids were always tall and scrawny, and Caroline's legs are not - they are fab!

We work around the kids finishing up tasks, only to clean up at the very end of the night, because otherwise there would be no point.

Oh and group bathing for the littles - that happens too, they get filthy on the drywall floor - they think bath time together is a riot!