Thank you all for your love & support with the arrival of Ollie.  I fully intend on some day replying to you all, but I've been busy!  Snuggling with a baby is a heck of a lot more fun than blogging so I'm behind.  I have many posts to write sometime in the future.

(preview of what's to come.  She took this amazing picture in the level II nursery in the dim light - she's the best!!)
Pix by Jme

Ollie is perfect.  We are smitten.  She's so stinking pretty & couldn't be sweeter.  She cries like a kitten, and sleeps all the say she's easy is an far anyway.  The big kids are thrilled with her, and adjusting.  We are still battling bilirubin & getting feet pricked daily - boo!  Nursing isn't going great...I'm a slave to my makes me sad but anyway to get her to eat is what counts.  Jade went back to work today, I missed him.  Seven days straight together with this little girl and him was fantastic.  It was hard to wait until 5:30 to see him.  He's the best!  Ollie got her first official bath - it's funny babies can go so long without baths and still smell good.  Her hair is wild wild wild now.  It's hysterical in the best way possible.  Tomorrow she's getting photographed by a friend - get ready for some fabulous-ness in the near future!