They always say a good man has a good wife right beside him...some say behind him, but let's be realistic they are side by side.

Well what about a good woman?

I am a good woman & it's because I have a sister wife...(Jade is great too!)  That's right a sister wife.  We are wives & sisters.  Mom doesn't dig that phrase, but Mags and I think it's pretty funny.

Me & Maggie

Please note - we do NOT share our men - that would be disgusting.  I love Kylie, but not that much.

I am enjoying my Maggie.  She helped me clean this weekend.  It takes me 3-4 hours to clean upstairs & down - BEFORE we added on their two bedrooms & anyone used the basement bathroom.  This weekend it was done in no time flat.  I cleaned bathrooms and vacuumed, she dusted & mopped.  Done.  Amazing.  LOVE it!  She's home on Mondays & most of Thursdays.  We pal around in our PJ's with no makeup - we are pretty.  Our hair and it's ridiculousness rivals each others on these days!  Hers is wild crazy curls & mine is snap on Lego man helmet hair.  We are stunning.

We co-parent.  She has no problem chewing my kids' butts and trust me it's needed.  We are quite the pair.  We have nearly matching mini-vans & people think we are twins.  Talk about a confidence boost for being 5 years older!  Boom!  We are stupid in a good way together.

  Now, if I could just SHRINK back down to my old size - I could wear her darn cute clothes.  Trust me she has REALLY cute clothes & I'm sick about it!!  I want them to fit my butt.  She loves to cook & prepares massive meals.  Which isn't helping my butt.  Luckily my feet grew another half size so I MAY be able to steal her shoes now.

Uh huh I have a house wife.  Yes!  It's fantastic!  Seriously every woman deserves a house wife.  I'm going to be sick about it when they move out.  I may move with them, or sneak into their house every evening to eat.